As of today you can see my poem ‘Ignoring the Curve of the Earth’ on a wall in Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge between the concourse and the ATC. Thanks to Addenbrooke’s Arts

ignoring the curve of earth

Ignoring the Curve of the Earth

It may be that the most heartbreaking shards
of beauty in the universe amuse
themselves in endless descent down distant
bleak corridors. Such as ‘The Eye of God’
or Helix Nebula whose stellar core
ignites a pupil of mute burning blues
in an iris of tremulous orange.

At times we all ignore the curve of Earth.
Step off the peaks and don’t believe our feet
when they fail, fold our map then stab a key
through a to b and watch the world roll on
beneath. It’s you who holds still as the ground
tumbles away. Up here you turn to flame
or harden and reflect what lights still come.

You might think to yourself as you hang there
that Earth too looks alone and beautiful.


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